Saturday, June 17, 2017

Green Power

With great change comes great tweets
Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods is just the latest chapter in goliath tech taking over the world:
This trajectory wasn’t obvious 15 years ago. You couldn’t guess that a handful of companies would leverage their expertise, talent pools and capital to eat industries outside their own, or that they would become planet-spanning conglomerates that are as likely to spin up their own Fortune 500 companies as buy them.

What does a company like Apple, which has a quarter of a trillion dollars in cash, do with all that money? Anything it wants. The same is true for Amazon, Facebook, Google and “Elon Musk Inc.,” an entity with so much marketing savvy and personal charisma that he is able to call upon the financial markets for fresh infusions of cash whenever he needs them, no matter the financials of his ventures.

Here are some thought experiments: Will Amazon eventually sell you personal transportation? Will Apple start a bank? Will Facebook buy a cable network? Is Elon Musk going to build a standing army?
Your humble blogger does not fear Amazon (though Alexa will never darken his door) and eagerly looks forward to Whole Foods stores where
1) Shopping carts will be bigger than shopping baskets;
2) Twinkies are stocked on the shelves;
3) No one will be shamed because they didn't donate;
4) One doesn't have to dress up to enter.

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