Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's Better to Cool Off

(Photo from I Hate Hot Humid Weather)
As if there aren't enough reasons to deplore it, global warming will make us grumpy: [bold added]
According to a new study in the European Journal of Social Psychology, uncomfortably hot environments make people less likely to help others in need....

The researchers were able to show that hot and muggy environments increased fatigue and reduced positive mood, which directly led to less helping behavior. Understanding this connection may help people better anticipate—and possibly prevent—these types of harmful or undesirable behaviors.
1) Despite the increased cost in electricity and carbon emissions, employers are likely better off running the A/C on a hot day. A happier workforce is a helpful workforce, which means a more profitable business.
2) "Uncomfortably hot" is a subjective measure. In Hawaii the friendly natives are used to an 80-degree, humid environment that is too sultry for the average Mainlander. After living in the much cooler Bay Area for 40 years, I am now decidedly irritable whenever I return home. It must be the weather; that's my story, and I'm sticky to it.

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