Monday, June 05, 2017

Jerry Brown, Premier

Speaker Willie Brown and Gov. Jerry Brown, 1981
(California Museum photo)
Ex-SF Mayor and California Speaker Willie Brown says Governor Jerry Brown is America's unofficial Prime Minister: [bold added]
The governor just happened to have a trip to China scheduled for the day after Trump made his [exiting-Paris-Accords] announcement. Now he’s off to forge his own climate change deal with Beijing.

None of this would have happened if Hillary Clinton had been elected president. With an environmentalist-oriented Democrat in the White House, Brown would have been relegated to the choir singing her praises.

With Trump, Jerry is a reborn warrior with a cause that will keep him in the spotlight even after he leaves office.

Trump may be the president. But to those 194 other nations that agreed to the Paris Agreement and are looking for someone in the U.S. who gets climate change, Brown is going to be our premier.
I don't know if Jerry Brown be satisfied with an unofficial title, though. He's 79 (eight years older than Donald Trump) and fits right in with the current profile for Democratic Presidential nominees: white, coastal liberal, and eligible for Social Security, just like Elisabeth Warren (67), Hillary Clinton (69), and Bernie Sanders (75). Unlike the others, he has decades of administrative experience running the largest State in the Union and the City of Oakland.

Hey, I'd cheerfully contribute to his campaign.

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