Monday, June 20, 2016

As Most Fathers Do

LeBron supplants Steph as best player; Zhuri takes over
from Riley as cutest daughter (SF Chronicle photo)
It was indeed a Happy Father's Day for yours truly: some productivity (a few duties at morning service, finding the right parts at Home Depot), some relaxation (an afternoon nap does wonders), and great entertainment (a close, hard-fought Game 7 of the NBA Finals).

Yes, we have followed the Warriors all season and had a rooting interest, but we weren't as disappointed by the loss as we thought we would be.

LeBron James is an estimable Finals' Most Valuable Player (the 31-year-old has always displayed grace, IMHO, despite being under incredible media scrutiny since he was a teenager), it's about time that the City of Cleveland experienced the joy of a championship parade, and besides, the Warriors didn't deserve the title from the way they played (the team didn't score any points in the final four minutes, thirty-nine seconds of the game).

The Warriors only lost by four points, 93-89, and will likely be contenders for the rest of the decade. So cheer up, fans, and have some perspective, as most fathers do.

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