Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's Cheaper to Pay the Fine

The mushrooming costs of compliance with government regulations have caused some companies to reach the breaking point: [bold added]
Another rational response: pull the
sheet over your head and whimper.
Compliance related to regulatory requirements and changes isn’t a new problem for finance leaders, and it’s getting more complex. Most CPA decision-makers see the level of general business complexity getting moderately to significantly more complex in the next three years. Regulatory requirements and changes ranked as the most-cited challenge of U.S. CPA decision-makers in an AICPA survey in 12 of the past 13 quarters. Regulatory issues were cited by many CFOs as a top challenge in a recent CFO Alliance survey, and it was the top challenge of banking CFOs....

Some companies are choosing not to comply, according to a survey by the Global Trade Academy at management firm Amber Road.
That's a rational response: assess the odds of getting caught, and measure the potential fines against the cost of changes to the information systems and workflow.

If you kick the mule often enough, eventually it won't budge.

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