Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fun and Interesting, But....

The Grauman's Chinese Theatre is also worth a stop.
Native San Franciscan and 55-year Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte finds pleasant surprises in L.A. (as do most of us who don't go south too often). Excerpts: [bold added]
Los Angeles Union Station was full of people, even on a Saturday night. This is the last of the great railroad stations, opened in 1939 when streamlined trains were the cat’s meow....not long ago L.A. Union Station was like a ghost town at night, empty and dusty. Now it’s back.

Los Angeles is noticeably cleaner than San Francisco, Oakland or Berkeley. Less trash, or so it seemed. There was a bit of high fog — June gloom, it’s called — but no smog.

We hear that Los Angeles has twice as many homeless people as San Francisco, but they are not nearly as visible.....we see more beggars in a single block in San Francisco than we saw in three days in L.A.
A tour of L.A. is fun and interesting, but as a place to live? In Northern California the summers are cooler, and the air is cleaner. As Carl Nolte ended his piece, "all roads lead home."

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