Monday, June 06, 2016

Passing an Opportunity

If one of the solutions to affordable housing was to build
Section 8 apartments on Grace Cathedral property,

I would have attended.
This Saturday the Episcopal Diocese of California will hold a Special Convention. Delegates will go to Grace Cathedral to vote on technical changes to canon law that are necessary to pursue a legal action involving one of the Diocesan properties. As a delegate I will do my duty and rubber-stamp whatever the church's lawyers advise.

Under the principle of never letting an emergency meeting go to waste, the delegates will have an opportunity to discuss matters important to this Bishop and this Diocese: "greening" the church, social justice, and affordable housing. I will pass on this opportunity, with enthusiasm.

As I wrote in 2012:
A perusal of the July General Convention resolutions, which includes endorsing statehood for the District of Columbia and expansion of Medicaid to states that want to decline (legally, according to the Supreme Court) Medicaid expansion, shows that the Episcopal Church has not only become deeply entwined in secular politics but consistently takes positions nearly indistinguishable from the far left wing of the Democratic Party.
Church leaders, by their actions, seem to think that attendance is falling because the church does not have enough politics. They just could be mistaken.

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