Saturday, July 16, 2016

Still Not Turning It On

We've been marveling at the rapid adoption of Pokémon Go but have not played the game because of privacy issues. WSJ tech reporter Joanna Stern says that we should set those concerns aside: [bold added]
We’re standing at a defining moment in the history of technology...

If you’ve been fighting to ignore this phenomenon, you should check it out, too. Not just because you may get to know new places or people, or because you may enjoy the charming absurdity of little monsters dancing on your desk. It’s time to witness the power of augmented reality, which connects us to others and our environment in a way no technology has before.
Pokémon Go makes its players go outside, meet other players in person, and walk more (to "hatch" eggs). Even if we're already socially and physically active, Ms. Stern argues that experiencing augmented reality (AR) is another reason to play.

Just like many of us can't imagine a world without smartphones, I suppose in a few years we won't be able to live without AR glasses that explain the history of what we're looking at or superimpose a person's personal data over his image.

Nevertheless, Pokémon Go will have to wait. I've got a pile of books to finish, financial records to organize, and clutter to clear. And miles to go before I sleep....

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