Friday, July 22, 2016

Su Casa Es Mi Casa

City Hall
San Francisco City Hall
Now that the Progressives have the majority on San Francisco's Board of Supervisors, the already-beautiful City is on the verge of becoming Paradise on Earth, right? Au contraire mon ami!
Tuesday’s meeting was a civic meltdown.

There were insults, sniping and shouting. Members called each other hypocrites, accused each other of malicious tactics and dropped collegiality altogether. It reached the point where board clerk Angela Calvillo, generally unobtrusive, felt the need to speak up.

“Madam President,” she said, “if I may just remind the members that pursuant to Rule 5.12 — the conduct of supervisors — you may not impugn the motives of a member of the board.”

She had the unmistakable sound of the only grown-up in the room.
In other San Francisco news, property owners who rent out their homes for short periods using Airbnb have had to inventory every item in their home:
“I already paid fees to register as a business and as a short-term rental, and now I’ve gotta count all my towels and dishes and spoons?” said host Erik Puknys,....noting that their Airbnb rentals added up to just seven days for all of 2015.
Per Airbnb,
“Requiring middle class residents to use a 90-page manual to inventory every towel and toothpick after renting out a bedroom for the weekend is a perfect example of why more people aren’t registering,”
Though the average take for the City is only $60, it's the obedience, not the money, that seems to matter most to the progs.

But back to C W Nevius' account of the supervisors meeting: [bold added] 
Several years ago, the board passed the responsibility for trees on the street to homeowners. Even if they didn’t plant or even ask for a tree in front of their house, residents are not only responsible for trimming the trees, they are also on the hook for repairs if tree roots buckle the sidewalk.
The residents continue to vote for these politicians, so it seems that San Franciscans are getting what they want.

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