Thursday, December 08, 2016

Stocking Stuffers, 2016

In December of each year we have been posting regularly about Jill and the Stocking Stuffers program that she founded. Once again she and her merry band of volunteers from the Santa Clara Thunderbird Club, the local Episcopal church, the Boy Scouts and police and fire departments assembled over a thousand gift bags for elderly shut-ins and those who reside in assisted-living facilities.

Jill (right) and friends.
Her efforts were especially notable in 2016 because she and Jerry had moved to Central California, over two hours away. Jill had to reserve a room at a Foster City community center and manage the materials logistics; she didn't ask anyone for the extra help.

I don't know how long she can continue doing this, but everyone who is there is grateful to be a part of Stocking Stuffers and witness her leadership. Thanks, Jill.

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