Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wear It Proudly

At Mitsuwa Marketplace your humble blogger came across a display for GOO.N Diapers. Before you ask,
The name GOO.N comes from ぐんぐん (gun-gun). This Japanese phrase refers to a baby’s steady growth. The GOO.N brand name reflects our desire for all babies to keep growing.
One reviewer enthused:
The Silky Soft Touch Sheet....undergoes a treatment specially designed to ensure smoothness, reduce bulkiness and eliminate the fibers that could possibly irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and result in diaper rash.
The most interesting feature, IMHO, is "the Wetness Indicator located on the front of the diaper that helps parents to know when to change their baby’s diaper."

No longer must parents employ their senses of touch or smell, all they need are their eyes.

Obviously a high-end product. Now if GOO.N can just do something about its name....

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