Monday, January 09, 2017

So Will I

There was a line despite the rain.
Though the benefit is not worth the effort for most people, we've continued to take the bottles and cans to the recycling center.

The benefit that I neglected to factor was teaching the youngster the value of work. The container by the side of the house was filled by Saturday. He emptied the plastic bottles into three large garbage bags, which we threw into a 26-year-old car that fits in well with the task.

We stood in line with the rest of the small-time recyclers, waiting for our cash payout. Absent from everyone's mannerisms was the pretension of class; we're all here because we find that $5 or $10 is worth the time.

The man at the counter weighed the bottles and presented us with $14.87. The youngster, who did most of the work, was happy when I handed him $10. As long as he wants to keep doing this, so will I.

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