Sunday, January 15, 2017

St. Elizabeth's, South San Francisco

St. Elizabeth's in South City was the first church we attended in the Bay Area 40 years ago. The exterior looks better than I expected. For a mission that's always on the verge of closing, it's looking good. (The website history is out of date; due to declining attendance the Diocese has combined its congregation with St. Andrew's, San Bruno.)

(Photo from All Saints)
I have a distinct recollection of the Vicar, the Rev. Richard Byfield. As a young priest he worked with Bishop James Pike, whose once-revolutionary ideas (ordination of women, LGBT ministry) have become mainstream Episcopal thought. Father Byfield became rector of several large churches before he moved on to St. Elizabeth's. He gave his full attention to ministering to our small congregation, which loved him. That's one aspect of the Episcopal priesthood that I've always admired---everyone I've met puts aside worldly ambition and prestige and goes to where they are needed the most. R.I.P.

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