Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Still in a Bubble

Conservative columnist and humorist Kurt Schlicter channels how the deplorables think in flyover country.
“You know Mitch, with the economy so good and America so respected in the world, I was totally going to support Hillary continuing Obama’s work, but then I found out that Donna Brazile was feeding her CNN’s debate questions. Also, until Comey reminded me, I had totally forgotten Hillary was under FBI investigation for doing what would have gotten me sent to Leavenworth if I had done it when I was in the Navy. So, despite loving all the Democrat policies that have made my life a paradise, especially the idea of a law allowing grown men in dresses to loiter in my tween daughter’s restroom, I’m voting for Trump. Oh, also I’m a deplorable racist and hate science. Also, sexism.”
Actually, this is the narrative that the coastal elites tell themselves about the November election. They're still grasping to understand the deplorables.

Heck, they don't even know someone who drives a truck. (For the record, your humble blogger knows several people who drive pickup trucks.)

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