Saturday, January 28, 2017

Start Spreading the News

I even read the comics, did
the crosswords puzzle, and
studied the bridge column.
The silver lining of economy air travel is that one is disconnected (in 2017) from the World Wide Web. The traveller is "forced" to read articles, even books, without the distraction of clicking through links. For the first time in years I read the SF Chronicle and Wall Street Journal cover to cover.

I had forgotten the delight of reading articles in the back pages of each section. Not skimming and actually thinking about the "minor" news that I had just read was a pleasure. Some poor section editor, a vanishing breed, applied all of his or her experience to designing the layout that will be completely forgotten in 24 hours.

After getting off the airplane, I sent my renewal payment to the Chronicle. Yes, its politics are different from mine, and yes, it's become increasingly partisan over the past decade, but there's enough in the venerable newspaper that's worth saving.

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