Monday, August 07, 2017

De-fanging Mueller

Inside the Beltway the tempest du jour is whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller will find the smoking gun that will bring down Donald Trump.

Your humble blogger, for the record, thinks the President was set up. Mr. Trump thought that the special counsel would clear him of charges of Russian collusion (whatever that means). But Mr. Mueller's expansive charter, executed by high-priced Democratic lawyers, threatens not only the Administration but also Mr. Trump's business empire, his friends and his family. Given enough time and money they will find something on someone (such as lying to a grand jury about a workplace affair, the basis for the impeachment of Bill Clinton).

The Beltway folks say that he can't fire the Special Counsel, though the Constitutional arguments why he can't are above my pay grade.

Another part of the Constitution, Article 2, Section 2, can effectively fire Mr. Mueller by negating all his activities. That section grants the President unlimited power to pardon anyone of any crime against the United States. Imagine:
I, Donald J. Trump, will pardon any and all persons indicted by the grand jury(ies) convened by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. If you are indicted for failing to produce documents, I will pardon you. If you are indicted for not answering a question, I will pardon you. If you are indicted for not appearing as a witness, I will pardon you. Let's end this farce and move on.
It seems too simple, and that's why it will never happen.

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