Thursday, August 03, 2017

Another San Francisco Brand Gets Bought

Iconic San Francisco company Anchor Steam will be acquired by Sapporo:
Anchor Brewing Co. is considered the leading pioneer of the craft beer movement, and is credited with reviving and modernizing some of today's most popular American beer styles. The price of the deal was not disclosed....

Anchor Brewing has proven itself as a company of firsts. Established in 1896, it bills itself as America’s “first and oldest” craft brewery and has long been San Francisco’s homegrown pride. It weathered the 1906 earthquake and is the inventor of the California common style of beer, which it trademarked as steam beer.
Tasting Anchor Steam during the 1970's was a revelation. American beers, e.g., Bud, Miller, Coors, were okay (in those days your humble blogger didn't regard any beer as bad). European beers were complex, had character, and were costly. Anchor Steam had a sharper taste than American bland; I liked it--didn't love it--but it was nice to have a choice that wasn't too expensive.

Both companies say that Anchor will retain its distinctiveness. We've heard that before, but here's hoping.

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