Saturday, August 05, 2017

Over My Head

The solar-panel and battery system that we saw in last week's visit to the Tesla showroom was intriguing. But the disruptive product just may be Tesla's solar roof.

Replacing a conventional roof can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Tesla's solar-roof tiles cost about the same as conventional tiles (see Bloomberg chart above), so why not get "free" solar energy if you are going to replace the roof anyway?
Tesla’s basic premise is to make solar ownership more attractive and affordable by eliminating the need to install both a roof and solar panels. Tesla says it will manage the entire process of solar roof installation, including removal of existing roofs, design, permits, installation, and maintenance. The company estimates that each installation will take about a week.
How Elon Musk keeps coming up with these ideas---and executing them---is over my head.

The tiles look attractive (CNet image)

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