Tuesday, January 02, 2018

2018 Resolution: Time to be Prone

No reason to show this WSJ gif other than "I like it."
Former lawyer and bestselling business author Daniel H. Pink says that achieving one's New Year's resolutions is all in the timing:
timing is really a science...By understanding the science of the day—and by giving more attention to the question of “when”—we can improve the effectiveness and success of our resolutions.
Exercising before breakfast is better for weight loss because it burns stored fat. Also, because the majority of people "peak" in the morning, "trough" after lunch, then "rebound" in the late afternoon the author suggests that the trough period be used for "mindless administrative work, such as answering email, filing papers and filling out expense reports."

One advantage of being semi-retired in 2018 is that I can nap through the trough on a couch (or a bed). Being prone so that I'm less prone to error--I like it.

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