Friday, January 05, 2018

My Normal Trip to Costco

At least I didn't forget the eggs (upper left).
Needing some eggs, I stopped by Costco on Wednesday night for "15 minutes."

Charmin was on sale, and though we have a two-month's supply, one can never have enough of squeezably soft TP.

We're running out of Downy softener, which was also on sale so I bought two bottles, feeling a pang of regret for not buying Procter & Gamble stock after I got married.

CoQ10, an enzyme I'd never heard of 10 years ago, was marked down. Into the cart went two bottles. The cost was nearly $60, but a bargain because it prevents cognitive decline and "support[s] a healthy heart." I read about those benefits on the Internet so it must be true.

In the grocery section I added more foods that I forgot that I needed.

40 minutes and $181 later, the cart was filled. Thank goodness Citibank did me the favor of granting me a Costco Visa card, because I never carry around that much cash.

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