Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Beautiful Sunday

Brett hands a fork to a customer.
Today was the church's annual meeting. It's mainly about finance, organizational, and personnel matters---much like a corporation's shareholder meeting.

Eight adults and five children decided to forego the excitement of listening to speeches and committee reports by serving lasagna and salad to all who were present at the Redwood City community center at Sunday noon. It was another Sandwiches on Sunday.

Drawing on years of practice, the teams all performed efficiently. One laid out the tablecloths, forks, and plates, while another mixed the drinks and yet another scooped out the food. Clara and I went to St. Pius Catholic Church to pick up 100 brown-bag lunches from the walk-in freezer. We returned in plenty of time to hand one or two to the patrons as they left. Sandwiches on Sunday was done in under an hour, our fastest time yet.

Back at the annual meeting none of us were appointed to committees that we don't know about in advance. 'Twas a beautiful day.

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