Thursday, January 07, 2016

In From the Cold

Origami and salad by June
November and December flew by quickly (why does time move so slowly for youngsters, who have the most time left?), and it was again our turn to make dinner for the families at Home and Hope.

The families are finding it very difficult to be placed in affordable housing; one father is exhausted from working two jobs (he sleeps from 2:30 to 6 a.m.), but two-bedroom spartan Peninsula apartments start at $2,500.

Generation-skipping volunteers
I listened but didn't say much: our role is not to offer advice, personal help, and especially opinions but a sympathetic ear and, of course, food.

One encouraging sign is that new people are signing up to replace the elder generation of volunteers who can no longer drive, or even cook. In addition to a huge salad, June folded origami birds to add a touch of class to the table settings. Rob brought his teen daughters and a friend; it took them 15 minutes to cut up a small chicken, but we all have to learn sometime, right?

Having overnight duty, I rolled out the sleeping bag. It was in the 40's--cold by California standards--but there were plenty of warm feelings to go around.

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