Thursday, January 21, 2016


The beach is a few feet from the cabins
I went (was actually dragged along by my parents) to the Episcopal Church's Camp Mokuleia throughout childhood. As an Island kid I got bored after 15 minutes (reading wasn't an option due to car sickness), so the one-hour trip to the North Shore was interminable. Also, I didn't see the purpose: the beaches were better at Waikiki and Ala Moana, the camp's cabins were what would later be termed "rustic", and the large lawn was nothing compared to Kapiolani Park.

Codger talk: these apartments weren't there before.
Today Camp Mokuleia has a pool, modern apartments, and a dining hall. I did recognize the old now-renovated cabins and the original office.

The Camp is advertised as "a secluded location [to] enjoy the rest, recreation and renewal we offer in the spirit of aloha."

Like a lesson that I did not comprehend as a child, Camp Mokuleia has been waiting for me to appreciate it, 40 years later.

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