Wednesday, January 27, 2016

USS Missouri

24 years after it was decommissioned, the Missouri still inspires awe. The battleship is nearly three football-fields long (887.2 feet), and its height of 209'8" is the equivalent of a 20-story building.

The USS Missouri Memorial Association maintains the ship in excellent condition at Pearl Harbor and supports operations via donations, admission tickets, and concession sales.

Tableau mounted on the surrender deck:
MacArthur signing the Instruments of Surrender 
The guide spent nearly an hour with our group; we walked the main deck, the kamikaze deck where occurred a poignant event that could have easily been overlooked in the carnage of war, and the surrender deck, where World War II formally ended.

The Arizona Memorial and the Missouri bookend the history of World War II, when America roused itself to help save the world. Well worth the $27 entrance fee.

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