Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chuckled, but did not Guffaw

Actress Kate del Castillo helped arrange the meet
between El Chapo and Sean Penn. (Daily Mail)
Last night Jimmy Fallon channeled Henny Youngman with a series of rapid-fire jokes about El Chapo's medical problem. The whole bit took only a minute, including rim-shots, mugging for the audience, and laughter.
There are reports that while he was on the run El Chapo got surgery for erectile dysfunction.
Guess his chalupa had a little droopa.
Doctors tried to help him go from a soft shell to a hard shell.
He’s looking for a little cure-o for his churro.
Every time he took off his pants he said say hello to my really little friend.
Apparently he has a one “inch”-alada.
His amigo was taking a permanent siesta.
Told his doctor he had a floppy sombrero.
When his girlfriend saw it, she ran for the border.
Nothing will come out of his piƱata no matter how much he beat it.
(Guardian photo)
It's hard to keep up with what the offense-police find objectionable. Racist humor apparently is okay if the person mocked is a) wealthy, b) male, and c) criminal. For the record, I chuckled but did not guffaw.

Note: being the subject of ridicule does not seem to have hurt "skyrocketing" demand for $128 El Chapo shirts.

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