Thursday, January 14, 2016

All in the Family

(Photo from IBTimes / Reuters)
Democrats are distressed that Chelsea Clinton has shed "her first daughter persona for the role of attack dog" against Bernie Sanders [bold added]:
Chelsea Clinton late Tuesday ripped Sanders over his proposals on healthcare and college affordability, arguing the White House hopeful wants to “dismantle” ObamaCare and Medicare.

Democrats have almost universally panned the attack, believing it to be ineffective and a misuse of her talents.

They note that Chelsea Clinton has mostly been used to highlight Hillary Clinton’s softer side as a mother and grandmother and say she seemed uncomfortable shedding her first daughter persona for the role of attack dog.
Hey, it's obvious:
1) Coming-out: VP candidates are traditionally the aggressive voice of Presidential campaigns. Did you know that Chelsea turned 35 last year? Just saying...
2) Diversion: anything that shifts the conversation away from Dad's behavior is helpful to Mom's campaign.
3) Revival: Bill and Hillary's two-for-one meme worked in the 1990's. Why not Hillary and Chelsea (you go, girls!) in the Teens? Just give it time to settle in.

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