Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Bob McCue (1925-2016)

I knew Bob McCue through business and in recent years visited him only around Christmastime, when I would drop off some scotch. Bob had been suffering for a long time--and I am sure booze was against doctor's orders with the medications he had been taking--but his eyes would always light up when he saw the Johnny Walker or Seagram's bottle. His nephew, Tim, said that he would always break out what Bob called the "good scotch" when Tim came over.

At his funeral Mass on Tuesday his nephews and nieces spoke about how he had looked after them after their parents died. His caregiver spoke about how Bob never treated him as an employee but as a close friend. It was good to learn, however tardily, that he was much more than the World War II veteran and owner of a construction business that he presented to outsiders. R.I.P. and cheers, my friend.

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