Tuesday, May 24, 2016


PVRIS (scanned from tour program)
The youngster had signed up for "meet and greet" tickets for the PVRIS (pronounced "paris") concert at the Regency Ballroom. PVRIS' music is post-hardcore punk, an unfamiliar style to these wizened ears.

We stood in line two hours before the concert to pick up T-shirts and other tchotchkes. The band signed programs and took pictures with fans. I commented that I was old enough to be their dad. They smiled. Nice kids.

The line stretched down the block.
One girl with bright red-painted hair said that she couldn't miss the event despite staying up all night studying for a morning exam; she wished she were older so that she could marry Lyndsey, the lead singer. The fellow behind us said that he had been looking forward to this for months. He drove in from Sacramento this morning and will return late tonight. Youthful enthusiasm, I had it once.

PVRIS is listenable---yes, it's praise akin to judging a restaurant's food edible--and appears to be experimenting with different genres. Older generations always decry the music choices of the younger, but in PVRIS' case one could certainly do worse.

Beach Weather was the warm-up act.

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