Thursday, May 26, 2016

One Form That I am Happy to Fill Out

As I've stated before, it's the complexity of the income tax system, not the income tax itself, that I find particularly vexing. And because the tax laws are so complex and confusing, and because the Internal Revenue Service has been known to exercise its powers in a draconian manner, many taxpayers are understandably terrified. This is the milieu in which tax scammers operate, and your humble blogger, who is not an angry person, absolutely despises them.

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At last some good news out of Florida, from where I've been getting recent calls:
Agents working with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration have arrested five individuals who impersonated Internal Revenue Service employees and demanded payment from taxpayers.

TIGTA agents arrested the five suspects in Miami without incident Monday for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Jennifer Valerino Nunez, Dennis Delgado Caballero, Arnoldo Perez Mirabal, Yaritza Espinosa Diaz, and Roberto Fontanella Caballero are allegedly responsible for nearly $2 million in schemes that defrauded more than 1,500 victims.
Another bit of good news: the Treasury Department has a scam reporting page. This is one form that I am happy to fill out.

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