Monday, May 09, 2016

Dell, Where Are You Hiding the Rocket?

"I'm back!" (Image from
Two weeks after he banged his knee badly in an NBA playoff game against the Houston Rockets, Stephen Curry returned to action against the Portland Trailblazers in Game 4 of the second-round playoff series. He missed his first nine three-point attempts and looked human. But he was just calibrating his shot.
Curry...came super-alive. He scored the Warriors’ first 12 points in overtime in their win, on two three-pointers, a bank shot, a rebound and putback, and a fastbreak layup.
Steph Curry wound up scoring 17 points in overtime---the most by a player in any overtime game, regular season or playoffs---and 40 points total for the evening.

78 weeks after my injury the leg still hurts a little, while Steph's leg is "153%" after two weeks, according to the Chronicle writer. His return to action proves what I've long suspected: the NBA's most "down to earth" superstar wasn't born on this planet.

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