Friday, May 13, 2016

Good for a Chuckle

It's time for my monthly phone call from tax scammers in Florida. The April 15th call was from (305) 587-2971. Today's was by "Steve Martin"(!) at (754) 999-3188.
Hi, this message is intended to contact you. My name is Steve Martin, and I’m calling regarding an enforcement action instituted by U.S. Treasury intending your urgent attention. Ignoring this message will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a Federal criminal offense. My number is (754) 999-3188. I repeat, (754) 999-3188. I advise you to cooperate with us and help us to help you. Thank you."
Like the earlier call, the voice is male with a slight accent (this one sounds Indian).

Also, the syntax has errors that would never be made by a college-educated person whose first language was English. For example, "instituted by U.S. Treasury" would normally be read in an official notice as "instituted by the United States Treasury Department," and "to avoid initial appearance" should have the article an before initial.

The famous Steve Martin is a lot funnier.

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