Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's Pretty to Look at, Though

Despite health warnings Cowell Beach will probably be crowded
on Memorial Day weekend (Coastal Home and Garden image)
In contrast with Hawaii's best beach in America (see yesterday's post), nearby Cowell Beach is one of the worst:
Even wading in ankle-deep is frowned upon. That’s because, for the third straight year, Cowell has been crowned the worst beach in California for water quality, due in large part to animal excrement.

At Cowell, excrement largely from seagulls and sea lions, coupled with relatively calm waters, may be giving the beach its place at the top of the list, experts say. Since 2010, it has occupied the No. 1 or 2 ranking for worst in the state,
Cowell Beach is a few steps from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and is pretty to look at. However, its beauty should be appreciated at a distance.

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