Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day, 2016

On Mother's Day we called the mothers in our lives to wish them well. They were busy hosting visitors and didn't have much time to converse. We'll talk to them later in the week when it's quieter.

This morning the church ushers presented each mother with a single rose. We had a light luncheon, but most people left shortly to go to other events.

Yesterday the male residents of the household cleaned the house. The lady of the household was appreciative.

The LOTH said she wanted to have dinner at home. No problem--a quick trip to the local supermarkets, et voila: steak with mushrooms and onions, roasted asparagus, and wine. The meal ended with a Just Desserts chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.

Simple needs, simple pleasures.

Happy Mother's Day!

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