Sunday, March 07, 2004

Sunday in Redwood Shores

A warm and sunny day, and I felt the sap rising. We got on the bike and headed down to Redwood Shores along the Bay shoreline bike path. Oracle Systems' cylindrical towers gleamed brightly, and it was difficult to remember, or even believe, that a large animal-themed amusement park once resided here. The lions' nighttime roar and the barks of the seals, like the fruit orchards in Silicon Valley, are but a fading memory.

Oracle HQ at 2 p.m. today; photo taken by my Canon S50.

We continued past the BFI recycling center and stopped for lunch at the San Carlos Burger King, just East off Highway 101. This is my favorite Burger King on the Peninsula. It’s clean, well-lit, and decorated with aviation memorabilia. At the entrance is a helicopter shell, donated by the Hiller Aviation Museum nearby. Traffic to the San Carlos Airport and the museum is light, and this BK is rarely crowded on weekends.

The temperature was approaching 80 degrees, so we stopped at the Hiller Museum and cooled off in the gift shop. We turned around and cycled through the Redwood Shores business parks and shopping centers, making a mental note to visit some non-chain Asian and Mexican restaurants that sprouted to serve the Electronic Arts, Oracle, and law firm employees during the week. An hour later, and we were home.

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