Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sunday in the Park

Fortunately--or was it Providence?--the wind and rain of the previous day had abated. We cheerfully set up the tables and chairs at the Foster City Dog Park on Sunday and awaited our customers. About 30 arrived, some on leashes, another in a tub, and others simply were carried by their two-legged masters. All present were blessed by the priests in our church’s annual celebration of the Feast of St. Francis.

In earliest Sunday School children are taught that St. Francis of Assisi loved all of God’s creatures. Francis was reputed to have a special connection to animals, who loved him back.
The children sold dog biscuits to support Project Bay Cat, which captures and neuters stray cats and tries to place them in a home. The number of feral cats has been increasing. Cats who have been abandoned or who have escaped from their masters feed on the birds of the Bay, and cat and bird lovers are united in their effort to address the growing cat population.

A lady from Project Bay Cat joined us, and we collected over $100 in donations to the cause. Making dog biscuits to help the cats and indirectly help the birds—somewhere in heaven St. Francis is smiling.

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