Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hope For Us All

The news lately has been filled with examples of massive greed, venality, and evil (have you forgotten about Mumbai already?). It is easy to give in to despair. In the face of catastrophe, one man transcends the human condition.
A grieving father and husband who lost his wife, two young daughters and mother-in-law when a Marine fighter jet crashed into their home on Monday thanked everyone who has supported him and said he does not blame the pilot of the disabled plane….

Speaking slowly, pausing between thoughts, [Dong Yun] Yoon asked the public to pray for the jet's pilot, who ejected safely in a canyon about two blocks from where the plane crashed, first on the street and then into Yoon's house.

“I don't blame him, I don't have any hard feelings. I know he did everything he could,” Yoon said.
This young father, an immigrant from Korea, lost everything. But he not only refused to lash out, he is praying for the pilot. We are entering the season that commemorates when the light came into the world. Mr. Yoon’s example shows that the light still shines.

Young Mi Yoon and Dong Yun Yoon (AP)

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