Thursday, March 28, 2024

San Francisco Won’t Be Detroit

How do we know that San Francisco won't follow the path of 1950's Detroit into crime, economic destruction, and population decline? When a new restaurant opens to crowds clamoring for a taste of $158 caviar and Peking Duck. At Z&Y Peking Duck
a server ferries your pre-ordered duck ($78 whole, $48 half), one of 20 prepared each day, from the kitchen to the carving station next to the bar. A dedicated duck chef works quickly and expertly, making precise 45-degree cuts with a long knife down one side of the body and then the other...

All this is more than enough to make for a meal worthy of a special occasion. But then there’s the caviar. For an additional $80, your Peking duck experience can begin with a plated appetizer: five rectangles of spongy pancake topped with cucumber, scallion, sauce and duck, crowned with a thimbleful of Bulgarian Osetra caviar. Edible flower petals and herb sprigs are tweezered about the plate.
The City by the Bay isn't going to be Motor City anytime soon.

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