Saturday, April 23, 2011

Farewell, Dell, You Served Me Well

My personal predilection--I like to think it's due to frugality and concern for the environment but it's really that I'm just plain cheap--is to hold on to working equipment long after most everyone else would have thrown it out.

I had upgraded the Dell Dimension 3000 desktop to its maximum capacity of 1 GB RAM, but I just couldn't justify keeping the eight-year old computer any longer. I could web-surf with it, but so can twelve (12) other newer devices in our household. Its physical size and weight (over 30 pounds on the bathroom scale) had become space-hogging and burdensome. And we couldn't give it away because it had a busted fan that caused it to shut down at the most inopportune moments.

2003 Dell Dimension (left) and 2007 Dell Vostro (middle) with 4 GB RAM
Prodded by the spirit of Earth Day, I took the PC to the free electronics recycling facility that the City had set up.

It still bothers me that no one had a use for something that still pretty much performed as it was intended. (The source of the bother may be that there's too much self-identification with my stuff.)

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