Sunday, January 07, 2018

Nothing More Important

It was New Year's Eve Sunday. Despite many being on vacation, we managed to gather a group of 12 volunteers to serve lunch to 60 people on a chilly day in Redwood City.

Some were new to the activity, and others (okay, they're kids) have been doing it half their lives.

Some of the younger volunteers.
Sandwiches on Sunday is an outreach ministry of St. Pius Catholic Church of Redwood City. Our Episcopal parish is one of four other churches that take a turn serving Sunday lunches at the community center.

A small group had gathered around a car in the parking lot. A parishioner from St. Pius was handing out coats to the diners. He said it was a grass-roots effort started by church members; they collect and pass out 5-10 coats a week. (By the way, distributing used cold-weather gear is the primary mission of some charities.)

We polished off the apple cider and closed up. There were celebrations to attend that night, but nothing more important than this.

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